Displace Me

This past weekend I went to Displace Me, put on by Invisible Children. The event, basically, served to bring awareness to the Internally Displace Camps in N. Uganda and to show our political leaders that we care about the situation. It was a great time hanging out with everyone. It is amazing what people can come together to accomplish. I just read in a newsletter April 26 that peace talks are going to resume between the LRA and the Ugandan government, but nothing will truly happen if there is no US presence at the talks. The crazy thing is, Displace Me was to serve to show that we want US presence in Uganda. It is crazy how both things came about only two days apart. In other news, I applied for an internship at Invisible Children for the summer. I'm kind of nervous if I get it. It would be totally crazy and amazing at the same time. So if anyone who reads this feels like it, it would be great if you could pray for God's will in that situation. I encourage those who don't know anything about the stiuation in N. Uganda to go to Invisible Children and become educated. Without education, we can't do anything. Enjoy some of the pictures from Displace Me.


Photobooth Fun At 4:51 AM

2:30 AM And No Sign Of The End

The title says it all. I am working on a take home test right now. After, I need to type up an interview and finish a group paper. I don't have any finals tomorrow, so one might wonder why I am doing it all right now. Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day. I have no night tomorrow due to MUTEMATH. Yes, I'm going to see them tomorrow night... possibly twice. So I need to get all this done tonight. I also have to finish a cover letter for my resume that will be going to Invisible Children. That stuff needs to be turned in by Friday. Busy couple of days, but I am almost done. PTL.


Savor the Nations Live

Last Saturday was Savor the Nations Live, a fundraiser for ISP. It is a fun night where all the ISP teams present skits, which will hopefully convey why the teams are going overseas and what they will be doing there. My team won first, even though our music for our dance got screwed up a little.