Phil Wickham

Phil WIckham came back to school again. This time he was alone and played acoustic. It was a really good time. He is so talented. I was really happy with how a lot of the pictures turned out. The last time he was here, they weren't that great. This time they looked great. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Catalina Trip

A few Saturdays ago, I went to Catalina for my Marine Science class. It was overcast and cold almost all day. Of course, when we left the sun started to come out. I didn't get that many great pictures, but I did get some of me holding a cool crab, so thats what I'm sharing with you.

Belize Send Off

March 14th I had the opportunity, along with many others, to "send off" the ISP Belize team. Send offs are a time of prayer and celebration. It is an amazing to come around brothers and sisters, which about to go overseas, and pray with and over them. These images capture what it feels like to be there.


New, Old Pictures

For class I have been working on a few pictures from when I went to New York for Thanksgiving break. I thought I woud post them on here for all to see, while I was at it. Here you go, enjoy!

P.S. Sorry they are so big when you click on them. I forgot to resize them...


At Home

Sorry, no pictures for this post. I don't know what to say. I just got back home today and its weird. It gets weirder and weirder every time. I was just putting some stuff away real quick and all of a sudden it felt like it was Christmas break again. It is definitely not though. Its spring break. I wish it was Christmas break again. I wish I could turn back time. It was a lot easier to see how good life was then. However, this break should be interesting to say the least. I am going to be in Riverside while about 90% of my friends are not. I will have to be creative with what I do. I am thinking the beach one day, maybe shots for ISP another, and slave labor around the house. I just hope that I will be able to relax this week. Think through things and clear my mind. I just can't stop feeling like I want to get out of Riverside for a long time. I know I would hate it as soon as I did it. I think I just need to get away from CBU for a long time. But everybody is there, I would hate getting away from there also... well at least until I graduate. Lately, I have just felt torn in two about a lot of things. Maybe I'll read some Donald Miller this week. Thats all. I don't want to get too emotional or anything. I wish I could say something manly to reaffirm my manliness, like "I have a beard," but I don't anymore. Dang. Just know that no matter what is going on, in the words of John Mayer, "know the heart of life is good."


A Good Friend

Ryan is one of my really good friends. He is on the basketball team I shot in my previous post, but I neglected to post a picture of him. So tonight, I went out while he and some others were playing tennis and shot a little. So this one is for Ryan because he is one of the best tennis players I know. Okay, thats stretching the truth.


The Show

Last night I took my camera over to the gym to see if i could get any shots at the intramurial basketball games. A bunch of my friends are on the team that I went to see, The Show. Here are just a few shots I got last night. Tim Hawley only 'threw it down' once, but luckily for you, I caught it.