August 18, 2008

Two political posts in one day... oops. This was a entry on the First Things blog a couple days after the Civil Forum at Saddleback.

I doubt it Sen. Obama.

Really Good, Yet Really Dumb

Obama '08 - Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.

I must say, first of all, the design and animation in this is superb. It is visually stunning. The music is decent as well. I enjoyed the whole from a design perspective.

But, to say that Barack Obama is hope, is absurd. To put so much emphasis on a human being is ridiculous. He's not going to change everything. He's not going to make everything "right." Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of either the candidates. I'm not saying this to promote McCain. I wish we had a real leader to vote for next week, but unfortunately we have to play with the cards we dealt ourselves. And, if I here Obama quote the Declaration of Independence again, I think I might throw up. I'm not sure how he can read it with confidence and actually trick himself that he believes it. Maybe if he did believe it, he would take seriously the part about "all men" being created with "unalienable rights" and on of those rights is Life. If he believed that, he wouldn't be pro-abortion.

Now I'm worked up.

Pray for me.


So Long Flickr

So, a month or so ago, I decided to delete my old Yahoo! accounts that I don't use anymore. Success! It worked and I was glad to shed some of my immature past (speaking of the names of my E-mail accounts and their silliness).

Fast forward 10 minutes.

I think to myself, "Self, let's check your Flickr." Thats when I realized I had done it. Flickr is a company connected to Yahoo!. Therefore, I use my Yahoo! log in information to gain access to my Flickr account. Therefore[x2], I inadvertently screwed myself and cannot log into my Flickr account.

All the above is mentioned to simply say, when the time comes and I easier access to camera equipment, I will be posting more photos on this here blog. Sorry to bore.



Today was a new beginning of sorts. It feels good.



Last week, via Dr. Mooney's Blog, I came across this post on Justin Taylor's Blog. The post consisted of the quotes above. I read the title and was very intrigued because I also believe "just me and my Bible" is insufficient. Upon reading the first quote, I not only disagreed with him, but also, I believed his understanding of, as he puts it, "the infallibility of tradition" to be lacking. Interestingly enough, I do believe he is moving in the right direction, just down the wrong path.


An Interesting Article

I was first introduced to the journal, First Things this summer by Bradley. Since introduced, I have gone so far as to subscribe to its daily blog, while at the same moment not gone so far as to subscribe to the actual journal. (Though I do plan on it in the future.)

Go read this article, which I found very interesting today as it is a very contested subject.