Last week I went to an Angels game. I had the urge to take some picture and since I have never taken my camera to a game, I thought it would be perfect. These are some of the best of the night.



Well, last week, my sister finished her elementary school career. Tuesday her school had a small graduation ceremony for it. Here are a few images from the night. I remember when I was in 3rd grade and I couldn't believe I had a new baby sister. I guess we've all grown up.


India #7

Well, sadly, this will be my final post in my India "series." I believe I've shown what I've wanted: the serious and fun. I hope you all have been able to experience India a little through my photos. These last few are just some random ones I thought would be good to share. God has a heart for India and I pray you might soon have one also. Prayer may be the only way you'll ever be able to experience India, but prayer is more powerful than many American Christians believe. If you learn anything overseas, its the lesson of having simple faith. Just having the faith God will actually do what you ask of him. Its amazing how little I view prayer. I'm working on it. I guess we just "gotta have faith." Thanks for being able to go on this journey with me.


India #6

Well its been a little while since I've posted India pictures and I got the urge to edit some earlier, so I thought the mixture of those two things should lead to a post. These photos are of when we took the high schoolers up to the retreat. It was an amazing time just being able to love them and let them experience Christ's love through us. I would like to say about 95%, if not 100%, gave their lives to the Lord while we were there. It was just great being able to live our lives with them. It always seems like we're the ones that are more blessed, even when we are supposed to be the blessings to others. I miss India.


40 Minutes

I found this video when looking at Barack Obama's website today. It is 40 minutes long and is worth every second of it. Please take time and watch it.

Click--> Faith and Politics

This and other events that have transpired makes me think the 2008 elections could be a huge turning point for the United States. Democrats are expressing and showing what their faith is to them and how it will effect their time in office. The conservative agenda is being less associated with the "Christian" agenda because people are matching up politicians' actions with the life of Jesus and seeing Jesus, surprisingly, wouldn't be a conservative. People are realizing that abortion and gay marriage are not the only moral issues we need to look at. We now realize we have a part to play in environmental stewardship, the HIV/AIDS crisis, poverty, and many other important issues. The United States is realizing, it seems, that in a global world we cannot sit back and watch the events in the world play out. I am very excited to see the good that good come of it.


India #5

While in India, we got to go to Agra, where the Taj Mahal is. Also, located in Delhi, is a structure called the India Gate. It has the name of a fallen British or Indian soldier from WW2 on every brick. These photos are of those two above mentioned sights. The train is just a train however. Don't be fooled, it is not a sight of India. Though, I did see it in India.


India #4: Reality

This post is actually somewhat serious. This time around I wanted to depict, to the best of my ablities (though I cannot do it justice whatsoever), the reality of India. As you've seen in previous posts, children beg and I'm sure you've heard of the massive amount of poverty also, but I wanted to show you what people give their lives to everyday. These photographs are some of the temples we visited while we were there. The first couple are of a Hari Krishna temple, the second one is from a Hindu temple, and the last two are from the Lotus Temple. You can never truly understand these India until you begin to understand Hinduism. Going to these temples saddened/frustrated me to no end. What you see is unbelievable. But it really does remind you of the hope you have and the hope you want to share with others. In India, I, once again, realized the beauty of the Gospel. Please be praying for India.

P.S. We also went to a Sikh temple. However, I did not post any pictures of it. Sorry.


India #3

I know, about time, huh? These are a few pictures of when we took 60 kids to a waterpark/amusement park. It was a crazy day. I miss India. Enjoy.