This morning, the thought even crossed my mind to put creamer in my coffee.

Quickly after that thought, another thought came to mind.

That second thought being: "I ain't no woman."


Reflections in Darkness

As I type, I am sitting in my room. Its a dark room at the moment. The blinds are open letting in what little light is left in the day. Behind me, the light is on in the bathroom and even though the door is open, the light is not powerful enough to illumine my dark room. I can hear the noise from the fans in my computer. They are, at the moment, doing a swell job keeping my baby cool. Though. admittedly, sometimes they do fail at their job and in those times I want a new computer. On top of my computer, there are six books. There is one novel, five history, but one of those histories is the Bible. I actually heard before that the Bible is classified as a comedy rather than history. I can never remember why that is though. There are polaroids on my wall, which allow me to reminisce upon last year. I just began to hear psuedo-gun shots from the living room. Now there are the sounds of digital men fighting intensely in a hand-to-hand combat form. Sometimes I wish I could fight as well as one of those digital men. Sometimes I think about how being able to fight like them would be useless, mainly because I don't get into fights. It still might be cool though. In the stillness of my dark room, I think about the last four years of college, but more like the last three because I just started my fourth. As "they" say, "Time flies." In that thought, and mostly anytime when someone quotes "they," I wondered who this "they" is. After that thought, I think about the new friends I've met recently. I think to myself, "Entertaining folk" and "Genuinely good people to spend time with." As I sit here, I am waiting for the sun to go down a little more. The thought of a pipe smoke leaves a pleasant ringing in my ears. When I go outside to partake of the most treacherous sin, tobacco, I think of how nice the cool weather will be and how much it will enhance my smoking experience. Before I do that, however, I need to brush my teeth because I ate dinner not too long ago and from what I hear, most people don't like the smell of bad breath.


My Backyard

This is becoming one of my favorite places to sit. The thing is, you can't actually see where I like to sit because I took the picture from that place. So, all you get is the view I have.