Buenos Aires, Argentina

Over the past couple of years I have come to love big cities.

And, BA is a big city.

Cairo, New York, and Delhi are just a few of the ones that I have visited in the past few years. I loved them all. I love the dynamics. Everything is quick. There are taxis and subways and people. Lots of people. There is just something about a big city that comforts me.

I have been loving my time in Argentina. (Though I do have to admit that its not my favorite country I have been to.) It has been a good time nonetheless. We have been in BA since yesterday afternoon. I have enjoyed walking around the city and taking public transportation. Its refreshing. I bought a CD from a street band today too. They were pretty good so I thought I would give a little compensation for entertaining me.

Our flight leaves tomorrow night at 11:00ish. I will be home on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning I leave for Texas. My time there will be completely different from my time here in BA. Like wolrds apart difference.


Day ?: Argentina

I have missed being creative. Very few will understand what I mean by that statement.

Things are going really well here though. This week we're working on paint a mural on a wall. Sounds pretty cool.



I think I might have mentioned that I'm going to Argentina. I leave tomorrow and will return May 28. I am helping lead a team of students from my school. We will be teaching art... whatever that means. At least, thats what I tell people. I won't know what us teaching art will actually look like until we get there. It will be an adventure nonetheless.

This is the team.


The Double Standard of Purity

This insight entered my mind a little while ago.
Here's the scenario. I'm sure many guys have been in it....

You're watching a movie or a TV show with at least one girl. A sexually provocative scene comes on. Girl puts her hand over your eyes. You try to put your hand over the girl's eyes (at least I'll try to do this). Girl responds with, "Its okay. Girls aren't like guys with stuff like this" and girl removes your hand. Scene finishes and girl lowers her hand from your eyes.

At first reading, you might think there is nothing wrong in this scenario. The girl is simply trying to help her brother in Christ out. I do appreciate that very much. I am very glad I have girl friends that are worried about my purity.

The problem I come across is when the girl removes my hand from her eyes. She may not, as she says, be affected by the scene that a guy would. She might not be tempted to think or act lustfully because of the scene but thats not the point. The problem is that the girl falsely believes she is fine watching the scene because it is not a temptation to her. However, I believe by allowing herself to watch the scene, it compromises her purity just as much as it would mine if I were to watch the scene. She is letting herself see things that she should not see or experience until marriage. Thus, a part of her purity is stripped away. She now has insights to the sexuality that have not come through being with her husband but rather another medium. I have said all that to say, girls guard your purity just as much as you would want your guy friends purity to be protected.

In other news. I started following C.J. Mahaney's blog. He has a series of posts going about modesty, which are quite insightful.

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Check it out.