I've Missed You

I hope you've missed me too.

I can't believe it has taken me this long to get back to you. I've been meaning to talk all about my life because some things have happened. Sweet things. I might put a couple of them in different blogs however.

So last Friday, Colby and I went to Sona. Its one of the top restaurants in the world apparently. We went with his current bosses from the catering company and my former bosses from the catering company. They're the same people. Anyways, we went to photograph various things. First, we started in the bar. Then we sat down for dinner. A nine course meal. One course I had antelope. Another course I had Kobe. Not the basketball player. Click the link. I'm not a cannibal. Promise. Anyways, it was a pretty fun night. In between courses, we would go back to the kitchen and photograph whatever we saw. I was actually really excited with how the kitchen shots turned out. Not so much with the bar. Bad lighting=suck-iness. I'll put a couple of my favorites on my flickr page. I'm gonna try to start using that more. So be checking that periodically. You can find a link to the page to the right, to the right.

I like to take pictures of myself, while "working." Sue me. Once again, don't actually sue me.


I plan to blog more this week, but its gonna be busy.

Not to mention a Webelo game too.


Can You Spell Baller?

Mondays have now become awesome. Typically Mondays are just alright. They are super busy. Three classes, two meetings, lunch, and dinner. Not techincally in that order. Whatever. Today was amazing though. Mainly for these two reasons...

Boom Shak-A-Lak-A.
I just went there (the 90s).



I am thoroughly...
worn out
burnt out

I am desperately in need of...
more sleep

I'm pretty sure I haven't recovered from leadership training and new student orientation. I'm also pretty sure people weren't created to feel the way I feel. Do you ever wonder why we do the things to ourselves that we do? I do. There's [typically] no good reasons. I should probably be sleeping, but I'm not. I needed to write on here. Because when the last thing you want to do is write, write. I think the fact that I'm listening to Kanye right now is helping keep me awake. Yes, I'm listening to Kanye. Sue me.

I'm enjoying school, kind of. I'm enjoying hanging out with people. I've kind of mixed things up a little bit. Everything is hectic though.

I need a day at a spa or something. [I know Create-A-Date was tonight, but you could creatively take me on a date to a spa, anytime.] Football started also. The Webelos have hit the ground running. We're 2-0. I played today also. Taped the ankle up and went out. I even got a sack. Suckers got pushed back by a gimp.


How are you guys doing? What's going on in your life?

I know not a lot of people read this, but if you check this little space out on a somewhat regular basis and have a blog, let me know. I want to know who you are, if by chance I don't know you. Or if I do know you, let me know if you check this/enjoy this area.


They jumped.


Always Look Behind You

I was at the New Student Orientation Retreat and I was tired. The sun and freshmen can really wear you out. There was this sweet creek that ran through the camp.

I think to myself, "Self, how nice would it be to take off your shoes and take a nice relaxing walk down the creek?"
I answered myself, "Self, that would be amazing."


After walking a little ways down the creek, I turn around....

And see this.....


And that is why I try to keep a camera within arm's length at all times.


A Prayer Answered

Well not that I was praying to sprain my ankle, but it is a prayer answered. Lately I've been thinking about patience. I've been praying for it in multiple areas of my life. I really think that my ankle being injured is one of the first steps to being able to be patient in my life. Its a small step to something bigger. Pun definitely intended.

I first thought of my ankle as a blessing when I realized that it takes forever to get anywhere. It sucks. But as I attempted to make it to places on time, I realized I would need patience to do so. It wasn't gonna work if I just frustrated anytime I was going anywhere. As it slowed my travel time down, it has also slowed my thoughts down. I am able to think more clearly than when I am speed walking to the other side of the campus. I also have to leave places with enough time to get to the next place on time.

This has been an eye opening experience. Its an answered prayer in an unlikely way. Not necessarily a way I would have thought up. So HP, I give you a hard time but its good it happened. Do not be confused, however. I will still give you a hard time.


May you, this week, view your circumstances as blessings. May you see them as prayers answered. And may you slow down and have patience.


Across the Atlantic: Middle East

Within this envelope are my winter break plans.


I'm not really sure how I can accurately express how excited I am to travel to the Middle East this winter. It is a region with so much culture and history. I honestly can't wait to board the plane, but I'm gonna have to. Obviously, this will be a life changing trip, but I'm think it will be so much more. I think I'm gonna have a greater appreciation, appreciation I already should have, for God.

Please stay with me on this journey as I prepare, go, and return.


Can you believe that kid is now this guy?


New Season

I used to be a child...


I started school this week....


I'm figuring out that classes are going to be challenging, but I'm going to learn. I also signed up for Biblical Hebrew. Its probably going to tear me apart, but I'm really excited for it. I'm tired from student leadership training. Worn out even, but I'll get through. I'm really excited for this year and everything it has in store.

I'm just really excited about what God is going to do.


In other news, this is gross. I had to show it though. Thank you HP for such a kind gift. Not Harry Potter. I hope you see how wrong that is.