Stuff White People Like

I have to direct everyone to a very funny website that I think that every white person needs to read.

Stuffwhitepeoplelike.com is all about the obvious. Some people get offended by it, whether they think its racist or because they read it and see themselves. Whatever. I happen to think its hilarious. I think you should check it out.


You Big Twit

I started Twitter-ing. You may follow on the right.


_I cannot to forget to thank Jenny. She was on my team that I went to Argentina with. She let me use her polaroid camera whenever I wanted after I had an incident and became sans cameras. She is the reason I am able to post the couple polaroid shots I previously posted and the reason for the shots that are still coming. Thanks Jenny.
I am sans camera right now. That will last for I don't know how long. Hopefully not too long though. Not having a camera has allowed me to think up some ideas that I would like to design. I want to focus on putting my creative juices in those directions while I cannot capture light. I was enlightened to a cool thing today through another blog I follow. It was this art show that had pieces based on the theme of "The Lost Art of the Film Poster." People either revamped old movies poster or completely created a new one. My favorite would be this one. I have been inspired by the idea and I will try to do one for a movie to be revealed at a later time and date. Besides that I would like to create some ideas that have swirled around in my mind for a little while. If you have any design needs, please contact me.


Buenos Aires, Argentina
Polaroid 600



I just checked Bloglines to see if anyone had new posts on the blogs I keep up with. There were four updated blogs. Three out of the four talked about Starbucks. Kind of weird. Was this a Twilight Zone moment? I don't know. You decide.


Zarate, Argentina
Polaroid 600