In two days, the date will be September 1st.

Over the past month or so, I have been shaving almost every day. I loathe shaving. I don't like doing it because I can never get my face completely smooth, sometimes it hurts on my neck area, and my skin is a little sensitive so I frequently get razor burn. However, in two days, I will stop shaving for a while. I decided in the middle of the summer that I would not shave for fall/winter. Along with that, I will try to trim my beard as little as possible. I am excited the day is almost here. You should be too.


The Art of Manliness

This could be one of my new favorite websites/blog. It is rich with information for a man wanting to be manly.


I also created this while I was not sleeping.

_On a very related side note, I really like screen shots. Thank you Shift-Command-4.
I cannot fall asleep at the moment because the coffee I drank earlier decided to work. Go figure. To combat the caffeine, I decided to make a nice little "On-The-Go" playlist. It follows as such:
Lost?_ Coldplay*
The Professor & La Fille Danse_ Damien Rice
Lonelily_ Damien Rice
Pistol_ Dustin Kensrue
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room_ John Mayer**
Red Sky (Live)_ Thrice
Under a Killing Moon (Live)_ Thrice
The Dress Looks Nice on You_ Sufjan Stevens
How Low_ Jose Gonzalez
Delicate_ Damien Rice
Green Eyes_ Coldplay
Moving Mountains_ Thrice

*Some might think it should be "Lost!". For those "some," I urge you to look up Vida La Vida on iTunes and then do yourself a favor and buy "Lost?".
**"The Village Sessions" acoustic version. Delightful.