Team Taste

Tonight was our Christmas party for work. It was a pretty fun time. It was at the Balboa Fun Zone in Newport. We went to an arcade and played some games. The climax of the night was the skee ball tournament we had. I was so pissed at myself when I got eliminated in the first round. I got another chance when there was a second tournament using your left hand, but I got second. In case you were wondering, second doesn't cut it. Of all people, Kyle Yocum won. Pissed me off... but not really. We then went to dinner at Abbondanza, which is a little bistro in Newport. A lot of funny conversations. We did a little white elephant gift exchange too. I'm glad I went.


Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal

So yesterday was Christmas. It was a good day. This past semester I've started to critically think more, and I have a few thoughts on Christmas. It just seems we are taking Jesus out of the equation more and more. I'm not just talking about non-believers. I'm talking about Christians too, including me. We get so caught up in the busyness of the season and forget what its all really about. At the same time we are wasting money on too much stuff. I understand we like to get things that will tell people we love and care for them, but spending hundreds of dollars on someone is ridiculous. We need to learn to become better stewards of our money. This year I tried to buy gifts that did not only benefit the recipient but also someone else. I got my dad a pair of TOMS shoes, which matches every pair bought and gives a pair to a child in need in Argentina. I bought a (product) red GAP shirt, which sends some of the profit made on the shirt to the Global Fund. I don't know. I just think we have a lot to work on during this season to focus more on what it is about. Most of the pictures are at my aunt's house and the Mexican kids are my cousins.


2006 Global Summit on AIDS and the Church

Well, last thursday and friday, I had the privilege of attending the Global Summit on AIDS and the Church at Saddleback. It was a great experience. I hope I have the opportunity next year. It was very cool to see so many people that are important in the AIDS and relief field. The highlight was, without question, being able to see Sen. Sam Brownback and Sen. Barak Obama. Both men have a heart for God and the AIDS pandemic. It was also interesting to see because both of these men are potential presidential candidates in 2008. If that happens, it is going to be one heck of an election year. Sorry about the Sam Brownback Picture. I don't know how to make it upright, like its supposed to be.