Don't get me wrong, I am a huge advocate for Apple computers. I think they make amazing products. In light of that, I still think the MacBook Air is kind of useless. I saw this video just now and had to post it.

[Credit: Adrian]


Buenos Aires, Argentina
Polaroid 600



"Moving Mountains"

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I have neglected to type this for a couple of weeks, but I will not be completely sorry for the fact that I am now typing it.

Some may know and other may not, but during my recent time in Argentina, myself and a couple girls on my team were robbed. I will not get into the details for multiple reasons. The first of them being that for you to understand this post, all you need to know is that I was robbed.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah.

I was robbed.

Now we're back on track. I was robbed. I will tell you that I was robbed on the first day. It is kind of amusing. Among the things taken was my camera. Now, this sucked. Very bad. I love being able to document my time overseas photographic-ly. (I think I just made a word?) Luckily, as I already mentioned, Jenny allowed me to use her polaroid camera some to allow me to let my creative juices flow. Now I have been back for about a month and a half and I still do not have a camera. (And the way it looks, I won't have one for a little while longer either.) (Sucks.) There is some background you need for the point of my blabbering.

A couple weeks ago I received a text message from Micah, who I assisted in leading our team. It read something like, "You need to come by my office as soon as you can." I didn't really understand the urgency. I just figured she wanted to catch up since we had not seen each other since we had returned from Argentina, but I replied that I would be able the next day. The next day rolls around and she then sends me another text message reminding that I need to go by her office. I still did not understand the urgency. Hours pass and I eventually find myself in her office. Once there, she notifies me that she has recently purchased a new 40D for photography school. She also lets me know that she is going to let me borrow her old 20D until the time comes whenever I get a new camera. I was blown away. Her generosity made me very happy that day.

Though I now have a camera to use, I still haven't used it. She was not able to let me borrow any lenses, so as of right now, I am lens-less. But, the fact that I even have a camera to use still amazes me.

I want to be a person known for being generous. Generous in time. Money. Possessions. Knowledge. Wisdom.*

*Wisdom may come later in life when I actually obtain some.