A New Location, Kind Of

As of today, I now have a little space on Tumblr. I hope to post more daily things on that and make this site more of a place to display my photographic/design efforts. Please continue checking both.


The End of an Adventure [Or Is It?]

I have barely realized that we are now 3 days into the new year.

After awhile, each new year has become equated to that of a birthday. It must come, with the good and the bad. The time that rushes froward with the speed of a car on the Autobahn, cannot be stopped. Both become markers that one has grown older. You've lived to see another year. Once again, the images from the past flood through your head. Pictures of triumph and, also, of failure flood into one's consciousness, though not requested to be recalled. And, you press on. Press on to see what opportunities present themselves in this new year.


Roughly 30 minutes ago, I finished the last book of the Harry Potter series. Now, I sit here in an interesting mood. Sad the adventure is finished. Wanting to read more, to continue the adventure which I have become very attached to. The book has imparted to me the sense of hope that fills every page, no matter how dreary the situation may look.

Harry Potter is brilliant.