The Ending of a Semester; Or, a Culmination of a Semester's Worth of Thoughts Untold

It has come to my attention over the past few months that time is, truly, a very curious thing. Take, for instance, the fact that a year ago today, I would be in Amman, Jordan about to journey a very misunderstood part of the world. Yet, time has moved on and I have been here and there [here and there being California, Argentina, and Texas, of course]. Now, I sit in my bedroom trying to materialize thoughts in my head. It is odd that one's past experiences can only be lived through the memory. What might possibly be even more odd is that as more time passes, it sometimes may feel as if those past experiences might have not actually happened, but, rather, that they were an invention of one's mind. This, I have found, can be a very frustrating thing. However, it is a great[!] thing to have others, which one can reminisce with. In the process, those experiences can once again "put on flesh."

Now, that I am over my bit of abstract-rig-a-ma-roll, I can set out on other matters, which have presented themselves within my mind. I have become addicted to a series of [children's] literature. The literature, named Harry Potter has quite possibly placed itself in the top three favorites of mine. Do not, by any means, be afraid that it has pulled ahead of my all-time favorite [which deals with a ring, a journey, and small, hairy creatures, among many other things]. Nonetheless, I truly am addicted. I shudder at the day when I finish the seven volume series, myself being on the fourth.

The weather has finally turned for the better in my small [pop. 300,000] city located in Southern California, So Cal, So Cali, et cetera. This is a great thing. While, I know, there are very neat places dotted all across this globe. I believe my city is one of the best, for multiple reasons. I will not get into those reasons though. I still, nonetheless, would love to be visiting the PNW [Pacific Northwest]. I have heard, from multiple sources, that it is a very awesome! region of this country.

I long to be traveling at the present moment, but yet I sit here at home, for funds do not allow me to do so. However, I am unofficially planning a journey somewhere across the Atlantic during the summer of 2009. There are, of course, many details that will need to be worked out for everything to actually happen. Namely, deciding on a place to travel to. I will give it some thought over the, ever-so-quickly-approaching-break. Also, to be thought about over break is what I shall do after I walk across a stage and receive a diploma, if that indeed happens. I am ninety-nine percent it will happen though.

[Excuse me, but] It is odd, once again, to see how much one can change over the course of four months. I do not know how to or if it would be appropriate, for my own personal sake, to delve into said changes, but I believe them for the better.


B. Thomas James said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Jeremy, but one cannot materialize a thought, which is something immaterial. One can make a representation of that thought, or one can enunciate that thought to the best of one's ability, but a materialization of something immaterial is just crazy-talk.

Sorry, I just slammed two Sam Adams down in twenty minutes. My bad.

Maria Nichole said...

Change is always a good thing, but best when it's for the better. I too think it's interesting to look back on exactly how much of it has taken place. I usually notice immaturity though so I try not to pay all that much attention to it :)